Women's Mentoring

We believe that women should be involved in intentional discipling relationships with other women as described in Titus 2. So much can be learned from those who have already walked with God through certain seasons of life and experienced His gracious guidance and teaching.  Through the Adorned Women’s Ministry, we encourage women to pursue a discipleship relationship where they are able to study God’s Word together one-on-one or in small groups, pray, and share what God is doing in their life. Many of our women are doing just that through arrangements made on their own or through our Adorned mentoring program. There has been great fruit from these relationships!

In the Fall (2022) we will be re-launching our women’s mentoring program.  We will use the Flourishmentoring journal as a guide.  It has many resources and tips for mentors and mentees, making this process easier for new and seasoned participants.  We look forward to seeing how God will use this resource for His glory and our growth.