We believe disciple-making groups, where we can meet in community with others and study God’s Word, are a critical part of growing in Christ and a critical tool in reaching others for Christ. We offer several options and levels of disciple-making groups to assist you.

New Groups Forming

We are starting several new groups below. Being in a group enables you to get to know others, grow in the Word, and be on mission together.

Sunday School

Sunday School provides groups for all ages that focus on teaching, fellowship, ministry, and service. Sunday School groups meet concurrently with Sunday morning worship so you may attend before or after worship.

Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups of up to 16 people that focus on sermon application, focused discipleship training, your own spiritual health plan, service, and discipling others. They meet weekly at a variety of times at church, in homes, and other locations. For off-campus groups, childcare arrangements vary by group needs. You may attend either or both a Life Group and Sunday School class.

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