Aaron Copeland: The Heart of Discipleship in Church Planting
FBC Melbourne

In this episode of the Mission Control Podcast, Aaron Copeland shares about how his hunger for studying the word of God led him to seminary and how God fostered that love of His word into a passion for teaching others to study God’s word.If you’ve ever felt God stirring something in your heart, but can’t see how God can work together the pieces… I hope you will find Aaron’s story of God’s faithfulness to provide the right people and opportunities at the right time to be a huge source of encouragement.


Episode Highlights:

  • Aaron shares his early influences and the call to ministry that led him down the path of church planting.
  • We delve into the core principles of discipleship and why it’s fundamental to the growth and sustainability of church plants.
  • Aaron opens up about the roadblocks he and his wife faced as they stepped into ministry and how they overcame these challenges.
  • Aaron offers valuable advice to those exploring vocational ministry or looking to serve God more intentionally.
  • Discover why training and church involvement are critical aspects of ministry preparation.



“Is God Calling Me?” by Jeff Iorg- A recommended read on embracing God’s calling.


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